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“No cal sempre començar amb la primera noció de les coses que s'estudien sino per les que faciliten l' aprenentatge”. Aristoteles.
“Amo, luego existo” Manuel Cruz

Catalan is a Romanic language descendent from Vulgar Latin. More than 11.5 million people speak the language, and 7.7 million of these use it as their mother tongue.  Catalan is spoken in Catalonia as well as in the Valencian Community (excluding some of its interior regions), the Balearic Islands, Andorra, the western border area of Aragón, the city of Alguer on Sardinia and in Carxe, a small area of Murcia.

Deutsche Akademie offers specialised private programs to study Catalan, which allows for a fast, intense, enjoyable and efficient way of learning.

Students can choose to have classes from 1 to 40 hours per week at home, in the office, at school, at work, in a hotel or at the Deutsche Akademie itself. There is also the option of working per subject and to continue learning throughout the day by being accompanied by the teacher during mealtimes.

Students who so wish can also receive a pedagogical and intercultural assessment and they can ask their teacher to come with them to help with any sort of administrative task necessary.

Catalan Courses

Catalan Express

deutsche akademie Catalán

12 hours

The essential day-to-day Catalan in one week: greetings, shopping, restaurants, basic social interaction.

Two hours a day, in group or private course, with flexible timetables and even lessons at home.

Entertaining, practical and communicative approach, without books or grammar exercises.

Personalized Catalan: we adapt to the students' needs.

Surprising results!