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"Wege entstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht.“ Franz Kafka

German is a pluricentric language that has three main centres: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Approximately 100 million people around the world have German as their mother tongue, and it is the biggest language within the European Union. The number of people who speak German is estimated to 150 million in 38 countries worldwide. In Central and Eastern Europe it is the most widely spread foreign language spoken and it is also one of the most translated and taught languages in the world.

In some of the latest surveys carried out where people were asked why they had started to study German, students pointed out the following reasons: knowing German means that you are able to travel and access lots of different cultures. It also opens up additional possibilities for trade with several countries. Germany is, in fact, the world’s top exporting country. To know German is to be able to enjoy and enhance your knowledge in such great areas as literature, philosophy, linguistics, history, riding, cinema, research and so on. If you are able to communicate in German, you improve your chances of finding a good job as well as your professional opportunities in all areas. This also means that it is of outmost importance that you learn German in a specialised centre where the philosophy is to work in small groups. Learning a language this way will promote involvement and active participation for all students in a language immersion environment, but in order to make this possible teachers must be native speakers who hold appropriate degrees and they must also have the necessary experience and vocation. This is what we offer at the Deutsche Akademie, Centre Alemany del Vallés.

Deutsche Akademie offers more than 50 different courses so that everyone interested in learning German can do so, whatever their schedule might be. You can choose the hours that suit you best, no matter what your level is.