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"Lehre tut viel, aber Aufmunterung tut alles.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our team at the Deutsche Akademie is made up of staff responsible for pedagogy, secretariat and management as well as our qualified, native teachers who all have a vocation for teaching, lots of experience and the benefit of continuous training within their field. They also hold additional titles as official examiners. The team philosophy is to offer maximum professionalism, attention, amiability and quality at all times and to provide a positive environment that encourages our students to learn in a constructive, enjoyable and personalised manner.

The continuous training undertaken makes it possible for us to offer up-to-date material and information, as well as advanced pedagogical programs that contribute to our students reaching their goals successfully and satisfactorily.

Reception and Pedagogic Counselling:

Pau Bringué

Pau Bringué is a pedagogic counsellor in Deutsche Akademie. He always has a positive attitude in reception, vocationally ready to serve the students, be it children or parents, youngsters or adults. His knowledge of languages allows the students to choose the counselling in Spanish, Catalan, English, French or German, as well as receiving recommendations over the most adequate course or specific material according to the results of their test level.

His vocation for languages and teaching started when he was quite young. In fact, he went to the Deutsche Schule, which makes easier for him to understand perfectly the students' needs. Besides, he has lived in Germany for 2 years, fact which contributes to establish a very positive cultural link between students and teachers, who are always native. Pau Bringué has also studied Translation and Interpreting, he is an official examiner of German at all levels and regularly participates in the continuous formation in Deutsche Akademie.

Responsible for the Department of Spanish:

Berta Puig

Berta Puig a BA in Hispanic Studies and Sciences of Education. She is also specialized in Compared Linguistics and gives formation for the D.E.L.E. exams. She has also undertaken postgraduate courses in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language with also the specialization in Business Spanish. Her knowledge of other languages and cultures, such as French, English or Polish, favours the satisfactory learning of her students no matter where they come from.

Berta Puig is responsible for the Department of Spanish backed up by a great vocation, a broad curriculum and 20 years of experience in teaching. Besides working as a Spanish and Catalan teacher in Deutsche Akademie, she is a pedagogic counsellor and also participates in the coordination of the additional activities and cultural-linguistic walks offered to students of Spanish and Catalan in Deutsche Akademie.

Director of Pedagogy:

Cristina Viñas

Cristina Viñas has a BA in Philology, she is official examiner of German at all levels and certified translator and interpreter by the German Ministry of Culture. She started studying French at 3 stirred by her vocation of teaching languages satisfactorily and helping in the comprehension between people and cultures. From 1988 she has worked as teacher, translator and interpreter of German, Spanish, French and English for German schools, companies and organisms like the European Union, the OECD and the University of Zaragoza. She later broadened her formation as pedagogical counsellor, intercultural mediator and specialist in the formation of teachers.

Since 1999 she is responsible for the Direction of Pedagogy in Deutsche Akademie and she is specialized in the continuous formation of teachers, the incorporation of pedagogical and psycholinguistic innovations, learning and teaching techniques, quality supervision, elaboration of personalized linguistic programmes and intercultural pedagogic counselling. Her main goal is to contribute to everyone's satisfaction, that is, teachers and students so that all of the students enjoy an optimum learning process.


Martin Gerß

Martin Gerß has a Higher Industrial Engineering Degree from the University of Hanover and a postgraduate degree in Project Management from the George Washington University. He is also a language advisor and official examiner of German. As an advisor and solutions manager he has worked together with multinational companies such as SUN, AT&T, NCR and Deutsche Bank.

Martin Gerß has been the Deutsche Akademie’s director since 2004 and he is responsible for the coordination and management of the language service offered to companies, the official exams, and the courses at the Deutsche Akademie in Sant Cugat as well as in Germany, and he manages the global supervision of the Deutsche Akademie, Centre Alemany del Vallés.