Levels and Official Exams

Deutsche Akademie examenes

“Es reicht nicht zu wissen; man muss es
anwenden können” Martin Gerss

The internationally renowned official exams that students can take at the Deutsche Akademie are governed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, their learning, teaching and assessment as elaborated by the Council of Europe. The idea of this framework is to offer efficiency, transparency and guarantees when learning a language so that courses, programs and their certificates fully and reliably describe the linguistic competence of students in any country, as well as their ability to communicate in the foreign language in question.

This means that thanks to this official certification from Frankfurt, students benefit from being able to easily undertake international exchanges of an academic as well as a professional or personal character, being able to continue their studies abroad, find employment in other countries or with international companies, satisfactory communicate with people from other cultures in all kinds of contexts and they will get an official recognition in all countries of their learning and their commendable knowledge of the language.

Students at the Deutsche Akademie can also benefit from the advantage and flexibility of having all levels available during different times of the day.


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