Interpreting Service

Consecutive interpreting service in Spain and German-speaking countries:

Deutsche Akademie Interpreting Service

"Hätten wir das Wort, hätten wir die Sprache, wir bräuchten die Waffen nicht". Ingeborg Bachmann

Knowing a language is not the same as understanding it. This is why it is important to work with professional and committed interpreters.

The interpreters at the Deutsche Akademie know several different languages and also have a knowledge and appreciation of cultural diversion, which means that they serve a double purpose. On the one hand they make linguistic comprehension possible, and on the other they bring two cultures together and make sure that the interpreting event is a success.

Interpretations can be of a personal character, like for example a family celebration, tourist visits and personal and professional administration, or they can be necessary during other occasions such as events, company training, negotiations and so on.

Deutsche Akademie offers the possibility to meet beforehand – in person or virtually – so that the interpreter is made aware of the client’s wishes and objectives. This will ensure that the results are as satisfying and pleasing as possible.