German Courses for Young People

Positive and Communicative Learning


"Sprachen lernen ohne Humor ist wie ein Essen ohne Salz“. Julia Spreier

Deutsche Akademie offers German specialized courses for young people in small groups in which the objective per levels marked by the Council of Europe combines with the own interests of every student, having as a result a participative, creative, communicative and motivating learning. This is so important as the students get to know through this interaction a way of learning that allows them grow satisfactorily both in a linguistic, cultural and personal manner. Besides, the students receive a personalized constant follow-up that makes them feel acknowledged and listened to, in turn making the progress even more satisfactory. This follow-up is complemented by the delivery to parents or tutors of two written reports before Christmas and Easter. At the secretariat the youngsters receive additional support, our staff calls home if the young students miss any lessons without parental warning and parents' requests are duly taken into account.

Besides, the fact all teachers are graduated native staff makes the students participate with motivation in the language immersion.

These courses take place during the school year as well as in the format of crash courses between July and September. It is also given the option to take personalized private lessons. The courses normally take place between 17:25 and 18:50 once or twice a week. But it is also possible for older youngsters to register in courses from 15:30 to 17:00 or from 19:00 to 20:30, or on Saturdays from 10:00 to 13:00. Deutsche Akademie also offers the option of creating personalized groups upon the parents' and students' needs.

Besides, the students may also use the book lending service from the library and media library, participate in additional activities as well as register in Deutsche Akademie in official exams of international reputation.


Program that promotes a progressive development of bilingualism and motivating all language skills

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It combines the goals according to the Common European Framework with the interests of each student resulting in an effective and motivating learning

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