Deutsche akademie a medida

"Lernen ist wie Rudern gegen den Strom. Sobald man aufhört, treibt man zurück". Benjamin Britten

Tailor-made programs made to thoroughly satisfy specific linguistic needs, be it in a group or individually. These classes are offered at your home as well as in your office, at school, at work or at your hotel, or here at the Deutsche Akademie itself.

Any linguistic need is covered by this kind of program. You can opt for classes from 1 to 40 hours per week and we also include the possibility of working per subject and to continue your learning throughout the day by being accompanied by your teacher while you have your meals. During these tailor-made programs students can ask for pedagogical assessment as well as reports concerning the progress made in all linguistic areas during the course.

Please ask us for a personalised pedagogical evaluation without any commitment on your part, and we will present you with a tailor-made program that corresponds precisely to your wishes and personal goals.


Centre Alemany del Vallès
C/ Martorell 15 (information & clases) - C/ Martorell 31 (clases) · 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
In the centre, 3 minutes from the bus station and the FGC trains