Deutsche Akademie Methodology

"Es wird alles immer gleich ein wenig anders, wenn man es ausspricht.“ Hermann Hesse

The methodology at the Deutsche Akademie is based on the encouragement of our students’ linguistic competence in all the various aspects of language, with particular emphasis on the assimilation of knowledge of a practical nature together with the enjoyment of learning and a focus on the development of effective communication skills.

In order to encourage and intensify the efficiency of learning, our students will find themselves immersed in the language from their very first day. They will benefit from the small group size that makes it possible for all students to actively participate and for teachers to take all their personal goals into account.

Students are also prepared for, and can partake in, official and internationally renowned exams that are offered through us since the Deutsche Akademie, Centre Alemany del Vallés, is the official examination centre of the Council of Europe in co-operation with the examination body Telc “The European Language Certificates”.

The most important thing for our teachers at the Deutsche Akademie is to activate, animate and help their students as much as possible. To do so, they use a variety of material as well as several different pedagogical strategies. They also combine the official course content with other activities that take into account each person's particular interests. This way all students feel that they are able to communicate using the foreign language right from the start and that they will be able to successfully reach their individual goals. Students at the Deutsche Akademie also have access to additional services free of charge, such as the library/media library, a job bank and various activities such as interesting language and culture workshops.