German Courses for Children

Bilingual project

Deutsche akademie cursos niños

"Conseguir que los niños tengan un buen estado de ánimo, autoestima y que se sientan animados y alegres es esencial”. José Antonio Marina

German courses conceived for children from 4 in order to ease the learning of the language thanks to a full linguistic immersion context, personalized teaching and ideal pedagogic activities that stimulate the positive learning in small groups.

The creative, recreational and educational approach of the lessons and the fact the teachers are specialized graduated native professionals make the children enjoy the learning of the German language; soon they develop a great hearing comprehension and ability to pronounce. It is a natural learning process that positively favours their linguistic and personal growth. The fact the smallest kids' lessons have only 4 to 7 students in every class makes them enjoy a very useful personalized follow-up and feel acknowledged and listened to. In fact, the children may bring to the school along the year objects or pictures they consider important memories to show in class, which will be treated linguistically to broaden their vocabulary.

This personalized follow-up will be also reflected upon the delivery of two written reports to the parents or tutors before Christmas and Easter and the unconditional support from the secretariat where the parents' requirements are also taken into account. Lessons take place once or twice a week, normally from 17:25 to 18:50.

Families also have the option to participate in several typical celebrations, normally before Christmas and Easter, and they can borrow different materials that allow them to keep on enhancing the practice of German at home.

We recommend you to arrange a meeting at the secretariat to receive uncompromised personalized pedagogic counselling.

"Bilingual project" courses

Program designed to facilitate the learning of German kids between 4 and 7 years with no regular contact with the language through language immersion in a German context, personalized teaching, creative workshops and educational activities that stimulate positive learning.

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Bilingual reality

Deutsche akademie cursos niños

This programme has also been conceived for kids, and subsequently for youngsters, who have an habitual contact with the German language. For example, kids who have a German-speaking relative. The goal is to promote an optimal development of all his linguistic skills so they acquire a real bilingualism both oral and written, and enjoy as a positive differential factor the reality of being bilingual in the German language, thus sharing their linguistic and personal growth with other students in a similar situation.

Later on the youngsters participate in courses that combine their interests with the official programmes from the Council of Europe. This allows the interested families to register at Deutsche Akademie in official exams of international reputation.

In the case of bilingual children and youngsters who have already some skills, it is convenient to do a test level, adequate to their age, in order to recommend them the most adequate course. For this reason it is necessary to arrange a meeting in the secretariat. These tests are for free.

"Bilingual reality" courses

Program for children in contact with the German language that promotes progressive development age of bilingualism and motivating all language skills.

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