12 reasons for learning German

Deutsche akademie Razones para aprender Alemán

"Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt." Ludwig Wittgenstein
"Es gibt viele Gründe Deutsch zu lernen, ernste Gründe und lustige Gründe." Matthias Epstein

Get to know different cultures:

German is spoken in Germany, Austria, two-thirds of Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, the East of Belgium, Alsace, some villages in Denmark, in Namibia etc.

Interesting friendship:

an enriching cultural and linguistic exchange that will also add to your circle of friends.

Work advantages:

knowing German will open doors on the employment market, because it is a positive differential factor.

Work opportunities:

knowing German makes it possible to work in a country where German is spoken and as such get access to a bigger employment market.

Satisfactory negotiations:

for the importing company as well as the exporting company with suppliers in a German-speaking country, or companies with clients who are German speaking.

Economic powers:

Germany, Austria and Switzerland are world leading in such important industrial sectors as the automotive industry, engineering, energy, chemistry, biology, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals etc.


knowing German will make your travels and stays in other countries a lot more pleasurable and it also opens doors within the hotel and tourism industry at home and abroad.

Access to information:

you will be able to assess information as well as access up-to-the-minute information whether it is by reading or by going through the enormous amount of information in German you can find on-line.


knowing German makes it possible to apply for student grants and that way also get the experience of studying at a university in another country, and live in another culture.


in German speaking countries there are a multitude of non-profit clubs for all kinds of interests, which makes it possible to share and enjoy them to the full.

Original version:

reading a book in the language it was written in; watching a movie or listening to a song will be a lot more stimulating.

Getting to know something new:

German is the language of literature, technology, medicine, music, horse riding, art, philosophy etc.


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