Advantages of the Deutsche Akademie

"Es ist ein großer Unterschied, ob ich etwas weiß, oder ob ich es liebe; ob ich es verstehe, oder ob ich nach ihm strebe.“ Francesco Petrarca

Specialists in German, Spanish and Catalan:

The continuity of your studies is guaranteed from beginner level to fluency, and we offer the possibility to continue with conversation and improvement courses.

Small groups and active-communicative focus:

Active and communicative classes consisting of 4 to 9 students per group, which makes it possible for everyone to participate actively from the very first day.

Co-operating centres in Germany:

Courses and accommodation free of charge at our co-operating centres in Germany.

Programs according to the Council of Europe:

The total number of days for each class is guaranteed, as well as the specific program set up for each course.

Language immersion and personalised follow-up:

Satisfying the individual wishes and interests of each student in a language immersion environment.

Enjoyable classes for all levels and ages:

A large choice of courses makes it easy to make up for a missed class.


Native, qualified teachers with experience:

Our teachers have experience of successfully transmitting their language and culture, and they combine this with a passion for teaching.

Flexibility and satisfaction:

Positive learning in a group, or individually, with a flexible schedule: from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 10 pm; also available as at-home courses.

Examinations and official certificates:

Deutsche Akademie prepares, examines and issues official, internationally renowned certificates.

Extra activities free of charge:

Language and culture workshops, grammatical revision, phonetics, cinema, colloquial speech, consults, cooking courses, wine tasting, excursions etc.

Library/media library service:

Loans of all kinds of material free of charge.

Traditional celebrations:

To bring the students closer to the culture, and to reinforce positive learning.